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Amazing Hand Shadows
This is really cool.
Baby Got Bible
This a great parody. If you haven't seen it yet, get it!
Baby Puke
This will get them every time.
Basketball vs. Kid
Short, but one of my all time favorites.
Bear Fight Commercial
A funny commercial with a surprise ending.
Beyonce Clown
At once, scary and hilarious
Bird Poop in Mouth
Moral of the story... don't look up when you're under birds.
Kids are hilarious when they don't mean to be.
Bohemian Rhapsody Fast Karaoke
This will have your youth group rolling.
Boy Singing in Church
Special music anyone?
Burger King 911
Some people take there burgers seriously.
Butterfingers Robber
Very short, but great.
Camouflage Octopus
One of the most amazing things I've ever seen.
Car Swerve Commercial
A classic commercial.
Cat vs. Ceiling Fan
Which will win?
Charlie Bit Me
Another great kids clip
Chicken Police
Keepin the order between the rabbits!
Commercial - Blonde in a Library
Have a little fun with the blondes in your group.
Crazy Basketball Shot
Sometimes you just get lucky.
Crazy Beard Cage
The guys will love it and the girls will be grossed out.
Crazy Ping Pong Point
I don't think this was during an actual match, but still...
Dog Motorcycle Commercial
Funny commercial, poor dog!
Dog Plunger Commercial
Now that's power.
Don't Touch my Bone
Maybe the most well known funny video out there, so funny!
Fail: Fire Truck
These 2 fire trucks didn't look twice before crossing
Fail: Hamster Mugshot
Someone seriously goofed in this news department
Fail: Parking Exit
I really have no idea what this guy was trying to accomplish
Fail: Peace Dove
This is priceless. Fly, fly away... oops
Fail: Window Washing
I think this guy needs a different strategy.
Fail: Working Out
Maybe you should lighten up the tension a little next time.
Fainting Goats
Your youth will want one after watching this.
Falling and Crying Baby
He's got this game down!
Family Feud Turkey
What are the odds?
Farting Preacher
Whether you would show this or not, it's really funny.
Feed the Homeless
This guy has a clever and hilarious plan to stomp out hunger!
Flea Market Rap
One of the saddest yet hilarious attempts at a commercial jingle ever.
Funny Cats
Cats are spastic.
Funny Things in Church
Even in church, funny things can happen.
George Bush Invigorating America's Youth
Wherever you stand with Bush... this is so funny.
Giant Pigeon Prank
Giant Waterslide Jump
Probably fake, but awesome nonetheless.
Girl in a Giant Slingshot
I gotta get me one of these!
Goalie Scores
Goat Beats up Dog
That should teach him.
Golf Ball Prank
What better way to use 5000 golfballs?
Horn Guy
Amazing and funny.
How to Hold a Microphone
A lesson for us all.
Home Shopping Network Horse
This guy must be blind!
Hungry Bears
Oh! Me! Me!
I've Got Gas
Great news blooper.
Japanese Binocular Soccer
The greatest game ever invented.
Japanese Commercial - Eat Like Snake

The strangest and most fascinating commercial I've ever


Japanese Death Game
Can't be real... but my youth can't get enough!
Japanese Matrix Karate
Pretty impressive.
Japanese Matrix Ping Pong
The original and still the best.
Kayak vs. Whale
Don't take on a whale when you're in a kayak.
Laughing Babies (3.01mb)
4 identical twins laughing at the same time.
Launched in Chair (1.45mb)
Not real but still really cool.
Leprechaun (5.45mb)

I love funny people on the news and this an all time favorite with my youth.

Lighting Victim (1.92mb)
This newsman could not have made this any funnier.
Little Boy Laughing (2.16mb)
Who knew ripping paper could be so funny.
Lizard Crashes Wedding Reception (2.00mb)
Everyone likes cake!
Mactini (4.87mb)
A funny look at our shrinking gadgets
Microsoft Motivation (2.27mb)
Need to motivate your kids? Try Microsoft's CEO approach.
Never Tell a Lie (2.88mb)
Regardless of being made by the Mormons, this is funny!
Officer National Anthem (1.60mb)
Maybe he should've practiced one more time.
Playground Bloopers (3.30mb)
It's actually the adults making fools of themselves.
Porta-Potty Office Pranks (3.63mb)
One of the best pranks I've ever seen.
Rappers All Talk at Once (832kb)
What? Did anyone catch that?
Rejected Proposal (2.80mb)
You gotta feel bad for this guy.
Rejuvenique Mask Infomercial (7.74mb)
Who would ever buy this?
Saint Decapitation (1.97mb)
You gotta love church bloopers (not an actual decapitation!)
Sardoodledom (4.78mb)
The funniest spelling word ever.
Skunk Prank (4.97mb)
A good clean prank.
Sleep Walking Dog (1.19mb)
I've seen sleep walking dogs, but this is the next level!
Snowboard Jump (799kb)
The biggest you'll ever see
Snowplow the News Woman (715kb)
She never saw it coming.
Snuggie for Dogs (2.38mb)
What every dog needs!
Squirrel Launch (1.65mb)
Mean = yes. Clever and funny=YES.
Strong Leash Commercial (402kb)
Poor doggy.
Talking Dogs (3.57mb)
Tennis Bird Death (1.02mb)
What are the chances?
The Hawaii Chair (4.99mb)
I seriously want one of these!
Toot Tone (4.84mb)
A little crude with the farts, but too funny to pass up.
Tow Truck Revenge (1.80mb)
Lesson: Don't mess with an angry lady!
Water Hole Prank (2.74mb)
Let's all go for a swim.
Weatherman Dork (5.30mb)
Danny Payne's hero.
Whistle Tips (5.52mb)
A classic news story... woot woot!
Wii Informercial (1.39mb)
Woman Fakes an Injury in Court (2.23mb)
This lady is ridiculous and hilarious.






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