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How Predictable Are You?

A really neat interactive magic trick that can be used to show us that God knows us well.


Ducks Blown Away

Have a firm foundation so you don't get blown by whatever wind comes your way.


911 Math Call
Sometimes we call on the wrong person for help.
Accupuncture Commercial
Sometimes doing what's best for you hurts.
Ameriquest Cat Commercial
Sometimes things look much worse than they really are.
Ameriquest Hospital Commercial
Don't judge too quickly.
Ameriquest Robbed Commercial
Jumping to conclusions can be bad... very bad.
Awareness Test
It's easy to miss something you're not looking for.
Back to the Start
Jesus life in reverse to Coldplay's song. Amazing!
Bonfire Explosion
If you keep pouring fuel on something eventually you'll get burned.
Bike Crash at Finish Line
Finish the race well...
Cat in a Bowl
Sometimes we get into situations we never thought possible.
Car Through Jiffy Lube Floor
You need to look where you are headed are you'll fall!
Chair Through a Glass Door
When you are being stupid nothing good can come from it.
Cheating Race Dog
Even if you finish in first, it doesn't count if you cheat.
Cordless Drill Commercial
We have more power than we can imagine in Christ.
Crosswalk Close Call
Watch where you are going at all times.
Dancing at Best Buy
Even when you think no one is watching... someone is.
Dog Can't Get Up a Slide
Some things just aren't meant for us to be doing.
Dog on Water
There's always a way to get around sin without falling in.
Domino Commercial
Your accomplishments mean nothing without the right power source.
Ducks Get Blown Away
Have a firm foundation so you don't get blown by whatever wind comes your way.
Double Knockout
A good offense is no substitute for a good defense.
Drunk Fork Lift Driver
The consequences of sin are far reaching
Elephant Seal
Some things you just do not mess with.
Excavator Waterfall on Car
Even harmless things can be destructive in large quantities.
Fail: Cheers To You
People turn to some ridiculous places for peace rather than turning to Christ.
Fail: Honking at an Old Lady
Some things or more harmful than they first appear.
Fail: Tiny Car Towing
There are just some things that we can't do ourselves.
Fail: Tires Falling Off
Some things aren't as great as they first appear to be.
Ford Bird Killer
We have to see sin coming so that we can attack before it's too late.
German Language Commercial
Unless we fully understand something we don't understand at all.
Guy Gets Mad at His Computer
Anger is a very bad thing.
Hair on Fire
When your friend is on fire... help them out!
High Jump Commercial
We've got to raise the bar or else we'll get hurt.
How Predictable Are You?
A really neat interactive magic trick that can be used to show us that God knows us well.
Home Shopping Ladder Blooper
On Christ the Solid rock I stand
Human Formation Commercial
When we work together we can create amazing things.
Ikea Dog Commercial
When we change from the inside out even our best friends won't recognize us.
Japanese Swimming Commercial
We get things done so much quicker when we work together!
Laptop Wash Commercial
Even the most innocent looking things can very harmful.
Mad Sheep
Ummm... "Blessed are the peacemakers"
Mr. Bean Goes to Church
A veritable "what not to do in church" from Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean Nativity Story
Mr. Bean reinvents the nativity scene.
No Handbrake at Gas Station
You never know what harm lurks just around the corner.
Novocain Dentist
It doesn't take much of a bad thing to ruin you.
Oh Glory
What if we got this excited when we were in the presence of Christ.
Overloaded Donkey
Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with the load you have to bear.
Pants on Fire
If you play with something you shouldn't you will get burned.
Prayer Footprint of a Monk
A challenging look at a monk's devotion to prayer.
Rabbit vs. Snake
No matter who you are you can take on the enemy.
Roman Candle Dog
Sometimes what we do effects others.
Screaming Squirrel Commercial
Watch where you're going and you won't be surprised.
Sheep with a Mask
Avoid evil at all costs!
Snowboarder Jumps Over the Cleaner
You never know what harm lurks just around the corner.
Stupid Exit
Uh... A lamp unto our feet!
Thieving Animals
"Thou shalt not steal."
Tire Roll
"All things work together for good."
Toll Booth Penny Prank
God wants our best, not a bunch of our most meaningless things.
Too Heavy!
Things are never nearly as bad as we make them out to be.
Tower Fall
It doesn't take much for you to fall.
Tree Cutting Error
Without sufficient planning your ambitions will fail.
Troop of 100
A crowd of Christians can do far more than one by himself.
Trunk Monkey Commercial
We can't overcome evil on our own but we have a friend that can!
Very Close Call
If you're standing near the road, you're bound to get hit.
Waitress Through a Window
Just one little stumble can cause a big mess... and pain!
Weight Lifting Commercial
We can't do it alone, we need each others help.
Wheel Barrow Race Guy
2 are stronger than 1 and way way more cool.
World's Shortest Escalator
We are so lazy, it is sickening.
Wrong Ball
Our enemy is crafty and sneaky.






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