Free youth ministry resources, documents, forms, leadership, waivers, evaluations, letters, covenant, training, and small group stuff for your student minsitry or group.






130 Youth Ministry Tips and Ideas

A 31 page book loaded with ideas and words of wisdom.

     *from Tim Schmoyer

Accountability Sheet

A good weekly spiritual check up for you or your staff.

Adult Leader Covenant

A covenant to promote accountability with your adults.

     *from Kris  McGee


An e-book covering many facts and statistics about the Dark Side of Bullying

     *from uKnowKids

Christmas Card

A really cool editable Christmas Card

Conflict Resolution

A template and questionairre to help you deal with youth ministry conflict.

Confrontation Principles

17 great ideas to keep in mind when confrontation is needed

     *from June Borneman

Discipleship Program Purpose and Vision

This is just an image but it might give you some ideas.

Discipleship Training Booklet

A 24 page booklet on leading small groups and discipleship.

Event Registration Form

A form to use to get youth signed up for an event.

Event Recap

Evaluate a recent event.

Family Digital Covenant

Pass this out to parents as a resource to establish a covenant for digital media with their kids.

     *from CPYU

First Time Visitors Survey

Use this to get some feedback from visitors.

     *from Andy Brazelton

How to Talk With a Student

Really well written insight on how engage a student. Great for adult leaders!.

     *from Josh Brown

How to Write a Mission Statement

Tips and samples to help you craft a mission statement.

Impact - New Member Workshop

4 sessions to take new members through

     *from The Church at Brook Hills

Incoming Parents Orientation

Help your parents transition into your ministry.

     *from Doug Fields

Job Description for Sunday School Teachers

Give your teachers vision and direction.

     *from Danny Payne

Leader Handbook

One church's small group leader handbook filled with ideas for you to tweak.

     *from Source Student Ministry

Leading a Short Term Mission Trip

Giant guide with prep, planning, training, devotionals, and debriefing.

     *from Eastern Mennonite MIssions

Lifegroup Leader Evaluation Form

This can be a self evaluation or one done by their supervisor.

     *from Josh Brown

Message Preparation Guide

Helps you get focused where you're going with a study.

     *from Kevin Theobald

Mission Trip Land Mines

Super helpful training tool for your mission trip team before you head out!

     *from Cadre Ministries

Pastors Self Evaluation

Incredibly valuable self assessment to take regularly.

     *from Tim Keller

Passion Survey

Great tool to have students or leaders fill out to get a glimpse at their passions.

     *from LeaderTreks

Perception Questions

An evaluation to see how people perceive you.

     *from Scott Lanigan

Pizza Planning Chart

Automatically calculates how many pizzas and of what type you need for your group!

     *from Nick

Plugged In

A youth worker survey to get them involved in the right area of ministry.

Questions for a Search Committee

Good questions when interviewing for a ministry position.

Recommendation Sample Letter

A good template to tweak every time you're asked to write a letter of recommendation.

Relating to Others

Some insight on how to make the most of relationships.

     *from Danny Payne

Response Card

Tweak this to make your own response card.

     *from Fields of Faith

Scholarship Application

Help determine scholarship needs in your ministry


Shape Inventory

A great survey on spiritual gifts.

     *from Doug Fields

Small Group Leader Evaluation

Help your small group leader evaluate themselves

Small Group Postcard

Use this editable PDF to promote your small groups

Small Group Training

A 4 page training manual for small group leaders

Small Group Training: Bridging the Gap

Help develop small group leaders


Small Group Training

7 sessions to train small groups with PowerPoints.

     *from Tim Schmoyer

Spiritual Health Assessment

Great for you, your leaders, or your students. Could be a great bible study tool even.

     *from LeaderTreks

Student Leader Application

A comprehensive application for students that want to be in leadership

     *from High School Ministry

Student Mentor Application

A form for partnering your students with mentors

     *from Jonathan McKee

Sunday School Teacher Job Description

A sample job description for you get some ideas for your Sunday School Teachers.

     *from YM Architects

Sustainable Youth Ministry

Tons of thoughts, questions, and ministry builders from the book by Mark DeVries.

     *from Josh Brown

The Cure For Youth Ministry E-book

A great read on youth ministry

     *from Paul Turner

Trip Budget Template

A great excel file with built in calculator to determine cost per student.

     *from Shelby Craig

Volunteer Application Packet

Good tool to tweak and handout to potential volunteer leaders


Volunteer Training Booklet

Great training and dialogue resource to train volunteers.

     *from Brett Ayers

We Were All Teens Once

An activity for your adult leaders.

     *from Chris Davis

Web Tools for Youth Ministry

A PDF full of all sorts of tools you can get online.

     *from Tim Schmoyer

Youth Intern Purpose

If you have a youth intern this will give you good direction.

     *from Danny Payne

Youth Leader Application

A comprehensive packet of a sample ministry goals, philosophy, and leader application.

     *from Tim Schmoyer

Youth Leadership Team Application

A sample form for your leadership team prospects.

Youth Leadership Team Covenant

A covenant for your team to sign together.

Youth Leadership Training - 4 Session Pack

4 Training on the go sessions

     *from Doug Fields

Youth Medical Release Form

A generic medical release form for any event.

Youth Minister Evaluation Tool

This is a great survey for self-evaluation or possibly to get feedback from your adult leaders.


Youth Ministry Evaluation

A yearly evaluation on your youth ministry

     *from Jonathan McKee

Youth Ministry Intern Covenant Sample

A great starting point for creating your intern's covenant.

     *from Youth Ministry Architects

Youth Ministry Model

A 21 page in depth sample model of youth ministry

     *from Jonathan McKee

Youth Ministry Quick Start Guide

A little dated, but a huge collection of ideas youth ministers just starting out.

     *from Church Resources Consortium

Youth Ministry Tips and Idea Ebook

135 pages of youth ministry gold!

     *from Tim Schmoyer

Youth Group Adult Leader Packet

Tips, Hints, Values, Application, and Commitment Form.







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